Job interview at the BHA

BHA logo: happy humanHello! I’ve been a little quiet for a while as I’ve been hoping / preparing for something big: this afternoon I had a job interview at the British Humanist Association.

I’d applied for the role of ICT, Database and Web Officer, and I really wanted it. I’ve been volunteering with the BHA in various roles for a couple of years, and it’s been great – I’ve certainly thought for quite a while that working there full-time would be brilliant. So when this position came up I went all out, and this morning, for the first time in years, put on a tie through choice.

I wasn’t too nervous on the train down, but by the time I walked into the office I was on edge. I couldn’t pretend this wasn’t a big deal. But I had little time to think, as I was whisked away to take various skill tests, which were followed by an extensive interview. These seemed to go ok, but I’d no idea how I compared to the other candidates. The BHA promised to let me know by the end of the day, so I wandered around London for a bit, unable to concentrate on anything, and eventually headed down to St. James’ Park and looped the lake for about ninety minutes. If things went well, my life would change significantly. If they didn’t, I knew it’d hit hard. And then I got a phone call to say…

I got the job!

I should possibly pretend that I was nonchalant and quietly pleased. But I wasn’t. I bounced. I did a little dance. I squee-ed down the phone a lot. And then I put it on Twitter1, as did the BHA(!), and my phone promptly exploded with lovely messages.

I am incredibly excited. It’s a job that’ll be challenging but achievable, in service of a cause I feel is important. Can’t ask for more than that. The current occupant of this role2 will be a hard act to follow, but I’m really looking forward to it.

If all goes to plan, this is my answer to the Big Looming Crisis I mentioned on New Year’s Eve. It’ll mean some big life changes. For starters, I’ll be switching to a 9-5 job after nine years of self-employment. And I’ll be working in the centre of London 5 days a week. Which isn’t very close to where I live at the moment. I have some tentative ideas for how this is all going to work, and I’ll put them together before I start in early May. Exciting!

  1. my ‘überyays’ hashtag turned into ‘Ïberyays’ through the wonders of SMS traversal, helpfully making it look like I can’t spell words I’ve made up, in a message retweeted to BHA followers []
  2. well, the new job is slightly different, but the previous job nonetheless encompassed everything I’ll be doing []