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I have a friend who thinks the same as me on many, many issues. But the one topic that’s produced a few colourful arguments is summed up by today’s xkcd. I say it’s spot on, she says it’s a total lie. I’m right, obviously. Read More »

Geohashing with a monkey – 2008/05/25

My geohashing plan for this week has been scuppered by the weather. I was working in Oxford yesterday, but called in to the geohash en route: Official wiki page. It was a bit wet. The motorway visibility was very low, the wind strong and the whole trip pretty unpleasant. Thankfully the field in question was inaccessible, and this was the closest I could get. The weather today was similarly dreadful, and the rest of the week isn’t much better. As this project would likely involve a lot of driving, I’m going to pass on it for now. Read More »

Geohashing with a monkey – 2008/05/24

This is geohashing: Date + Dow opening = random place, within a 1 x 1 grid of about 60 miles. The xkcd wiki calls it a spontaneous adventure generator. I’m in 52, -1, classified as Birmingham East. Today’s location was 20mins away, so I thought I’d check it out. Monkey & I parked in a layby and wandered down a small stone path. The field containing the co-ordinates was private, so Monkey & I pushed our way through the stinging nettles up to the edge of the boundary fence: The official geohash page is here. Monkey and I are going ... Read More »

Waiting for iTunes…

It’s always such fun when my iPod decides to delete and re-copy all purchased music. Not like I’m in a hurry or anything. Ah well. Something that amused me today: Last week’s xkcd (linked to host site if it doesn’t fit): Cory at ETech on Tuesday: Made me laugh, anyway. Read More »

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