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Hack defences: protecting wp-config

I have a suspicion about the cause of yesterday’s hack. devlounge.net had a similar infiltration, but by a friendly attacker who explained his methods: he accessed the wp-config.php file while the site was rendering in plain text (which I’m assuming can happen through an apache error / misconfiguration). PHP files weren’t being processed correctly, so their code was visible to all. As wp-config contains the mysql username/password, the attacker could then log into myphpadmin, change the admin email address and request a password reset. How to protect against this? Well, WordPress 2.8 supports moving the wp-config file one directory higher ... Read More »

WordPress 2.5.1

I’ve upgraded to the latest WordPress. It’s quite different behind the scenes, but there shouldn’t be any differences up front. Please let me know if anything’s broken… For other WordPress admins, the Remove Max Width plugin puts the Write page back to its former full-screen glory. Much nicer if you’re using a widescreen monitor. Read More »

Podcasting university lectures

This morning’s to-do list contained ‘set up podcast of university lectures’. It didn’t sound very difficult. A classmate uses a rather cool Olympus gadget to record each week’s talk, and I knew it should be easy enough to get these online. Of course, I also knew that ‘easy’ jobs always turn out to be way more complex than is reasonable. Except, not this time. In fact, it was worryingly easy. The original files were in WMA format, and I wanted MP3 to ensure maximum compatibility. Lame, the daddy of all MP3 encoders, just spat noise – possibly in disgust – ... Read More »

WordPress 2.3

Is out. Amongst other things, it adds tagging support and update notifications. Anybody using Ultimate Tag Warrior can import tags to the new (much faster) system (and should disable UTW before upgrading), but expect themes to break. I’ve had to remove ‘related posts’, and the tags page is a bit sparse. I expect new plugins in the next few days will fix these issues. Read More »

Speeding up WordPress

Just to recommend Jerome’s Query Diagnostics plugin for WordPress, which once enabled spits out a list of all the database queries used by a page, along with the time they took to complete. This afternoon I found that one plugin was doubling the processing time, and removing that has made the whole site snappier.  I was trying to do this by looking at mysql logs, but it seems such things don’t really exist on a per-user basis, so anybody sharing a server with x number of others is going to struggle to diagnose connection problems. People recommend other plugins, but ... Read More »


I’m still enjoying using Twitter, by the way. The sidebar on the right-hand side might not last if it keeps stalling the blog whenever Twitter has a strop, mind. I’ve set up Twessenger, which updates MSN’s ‘personal’ messages with your latest Tweet. It works, although I seem to have to manually enable it every time I restart. Hopefully there’ll be a Messenger Plus script with similar functionality before long. I’m using Alex King’s Twitter Tools plugin for WordPress, which has various features including hourly backups of tweets, non-stalling display in the sidebar etc.. It also has an option to post ... Read More »

Two useful plugins for the WordPress visual editor

I think they’re handy, anyway: Enable Firefox spell checking in the Visual editor Add a toggle switch for advanced features in the Visual editor (try shift-v in IE or alt-shift-v in Firefox to do it manually). The extra toolbar has ‘paste plain text’ and ‘remove formatting’ buttons, which will help with a couple of the VE’s annoyances. Enough procrastinating, Andrew. Back to work. Read More »

WordPress autosaving

For anybody confused by WordPress’ clever new autosave system, apparently it only works if the title is filled in. Makes sense – I couldn’t work out why it was so intermittent. Read More »

WordPress 2.1

Sensible things to do at 2330 probably don’t include upgrading blogging software, but the new WordPress 2.1 release has so many whizzy bits that I’m itching to try it out. Immediate notables include: Autosave makes sure you never lose a post again [hooray!!] Our new tabbed editor allows you to switch between WYSIWYG and code editing instantly while writing a post. Much more efficient database code, faster than previous versions Completely redone visual editor [wonder whether it’s any more user-friendly…] More AJAX to make custom fields, moderation, deletions, and more all faster. New version of Akismet. Plus over 500(!) bug ... Read More »

WordPress 2.0.6

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.0.6 – please let me know if anything seems broken. FYI for other WP bloggers: it apparently introduces a bug that affects anybody using Feedburner, so it’s probably worth altering the code with the fix detailed here before uploading the files. Read More »

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