How about “Web junkie seeks astonishingly understanding female of the opposite sex” ? No?

I’m not “subscribing” yet, but I’m just creating an account at UK. is the biggest in the UK, but the website annoys me 🙂 Match asked me for a username and password…and here’s my first problem. You see, my two normal usernames are ‘wandwaver’ – because I used to be a magician – and ‘kryptothesuperdog’ – after Superman’s dog. I signed up using the latter without really thinking. Now I’m wondering if that wasn’t terribly sensible. ‘Kryptothesuperdog’ on a dating website? Hmmm. Better than ‘wandwaver’, I suppose. Anyway, I’m not planning to put my profile ‘out there’ for the foreseeable future, I just want to see how the whole thing should work. I’m going through the questions atm…

Question: Do you want kids?
Answer: Possibly, but not quite yet.
Question: How many?

How tall do you want your match to be?
I don’t really care…Or do I? I’d go out with a very small person, wouldn’t I? Or would I? I’m sure I would. I don’t know!

Tell us some more about your ethnicity.
White…Male…That’s it, really.

Are you looking for certain body types?
No. I’m not. … . No. Well. It depends how you’re…No. Argh.

Is dancing a turn-on or a turn-off for you?
What type of dancing? I doubt you’re talking ballroom, but maybe you are. This is so difficult!

What’s your dating headline? For example: ‘Mum open to romance and dating’.

This could take a while…

Flickr Speeds Up

Flickr’s moving to new servers this week, and already I’m noticing speed increases. Quite dramatic ones, in fact. Blimey. That’s excellent – one of my few quibbles with flickr has been the speed of the site.

This, and the previous post, is set to appear in the middle of the night to get around the still unfixed RSS problem. Also you may see a little weirdness tomorrow morning depending on whether something I’m testing has worked properly. I’ll sort out any issues as soon as I can…

I’m actually fast asleep right now. Well, I bloody well should be.

Software of Funk have now transferred to their new servers, and it’s oh so very fast. If the speed put you off before, I’d highly recommend taking a look now. I currently have 341 bookmarks, and add more every day. And have you seen the screenshots of Google Earth? It looks fantastic. That site says that they’ve integrated Google Local and driving directions too. You think they’re going to release this for free?

I Will Have My Vengeance

See, if you thought I wouldn’t notice the addition of “The Sound of Music” and “Thunderpants” to the list of My Favourite Movies, then you’re very much mistaken. I will get you. Let us analyse who it could have been. The IP is registered to…

OrgName: Brigham Young University
Address: University Hill
City: Provo
StateProv: UT
PostalCode: 84602
Country: US


Date for Your Diary

I switched over to using Gmail a few weeks ago, and it’s great. I want to do a better writeup so won’t go into the details other than to say it’s been very successful. As you may remember, Gmail doubled their available space on April 1st to 2GB. That’s a pretty crazy amount of storage, but is great for storing files you know come in handy. The available space has slowly been increasing since that date, too, and today hit 2250mb. So that’s 250mb in 61 days…Therefore, we should hit 3GB in 183 days, which is Thursday December 1st. And we should hit 10GB on Thursday, August 5, 2010. And 1TB on Monday, December 18, 2671. That’ll be worth celebrating.


I’m not sure about this, though…

You are currently using 11 MB (1%) of your 2251 MB.

However you do the figures, that doesn’t work 🙂

A Flickr Recommendation

If you have a digital camera and want to put your photos online then I strongly recommend Flickr. It’s just so easy that it’s a joy to use. Whenever I take any photos, I copy them onto the computer, edit them if necessary, email them to a special Flickr email address with subject = title and body = description, and that’s it – it’s published and ready to view. I can then go in and add tags and notes if I want, but that’s entirely optional – all the imporant work is done already. Incidentally, that email address means that if you’ve got a cameraphone you can use a Flickr account even more easily than people with separate digital cameras, since you don’t have to transfer anything to the computer first.

If you were to ask me why Flickr is better than other online galleries I’ve used I’d probably have trouble telling you. It Just Is. It’s neat, well-organised, everything works so very well, and there’re all kinds of small things that come in extremely handy on rare occasions. For example, if you go to ‘All Sizes’ for your photos, they provide the HTML needed to link to that particular photo. Sure, it’s easy enough to get the photo URL and write the code yourself, but having it right there and available saves 7 seconds or so, is surprisingly helpful and stops the process feeling like a fuss. The previous post was extremely easy to put together using the HTML links, but I could have just hit the ‘Blog This’ button and had Flickr link into my blog and produce a post for me – that’s exactly what happens with moblog shots from my phone, I email them to Flickr with ‘2blog’ at the end of the address, and it does everything else on its own.

Cripes, it’s nearly 1800! How did that happen? There doesn’t seem to be much on TV this evening so I may nip into town and see Millions. Nobody else seems very interested, but I think it looks great!

BBC Backstage Launches

Ok, I’m back to revising full time now. I admit I wavered for a few weeks, but now the exams are Real and Scary I’m getting my act together. Currently on a 10-min break from differentiation, and just read this on Ben Hammersley’s blog:

When ever I write an article about the BBC’s latest new media offering, the newspaper I write it in always gets a ton of letters from aggrieved businessmen complaining about how their ability to start a, say, sports new service, is unfairly hindered by the BBC. It’s not fair, they say, for the BBC to be online at all. Given the license fee 1 (To have a TV in the UK requires a license, the proceeds of which pay for the BBC) it’s entirely anticompetitive for the BBC to be on the web. What chance do real businesses have in making any cash at all in the areas the BBC are in? 2 Laying aside the two responses I twitchily come back with. One, dude, society doesn’t owe you a living and but it does owe itself a maximisation of the common good, which this arguably is, and two, your business plan involves competing with the BBC? Idiot..

That’s possibly the best rebuttal I’ve ever heard 🙂 The full article, here, concerns the launch of BBC Backstage, which provides APIs and feeds of pretty much all the BBC website’s content for you to do with as you will (non-commercially). You can publish your own BBC News website, if that’s what you feel like doing. One person has done exactly that, but has added automatic Wikipedia links for capitalised phrases and acronyms, as well as Technorati feeds so you can see who’s linking to that particular article and what they’re saying. Very cool indeed.