Hello! I’m still here, really I am. The quietness is more to do with being neurotic than busy. I have plenty of posts drafted on brainstuff, but the moment I consider translating them I feel guilty about the many, many university things I’ve yet to complete, so I go away and don’t do them instead.

I’ll be in London all this week, sitting in the university library trying to find people who’ve said something about Flickr that isn’t pretentious beyond imagining. 2500 words seem a long way off. Once that’s done I’ll be putting in a Blurb order for my big practical project, and really hoping their printers don’t break down next week.

May 5th is the deadline – well, ish –  and I shall endeavour to pop in from time to time before then. I’m also always about on twitter.

Finally, apropos of nothing, I took this picture in Hyde Park, and I quite like it1:

Hyde Park Tulip

  1. feels a bit vain, but what’s a blog for? []