It seemed like a good idea at the time

This evening I was very late for the last train home, and I took the Marylebone escalator two steps at a time.

Here is some advice for you: do not take the Marylebone escalator two steps at a time.

Maybe if you’re really fit or something. But if you’re like me and middlingly-not-unfit, just don’t do it. It wasn’t so much the pain of the escalator, it was the dawning comprehension that I had 60 seconds to reach the far end of the platform, and I really didn’t know if my legs would cope.

Made it though. Barely. Didn’t sit next to anyone, as that would have been mean.

Squid and stuff

Ate some squid today. Yum. I plan to eat lots more squid.

Also, some 11-year-old kids ran up my train carriage shouting “let’s go for a walk and cause as much havoc as possible.” This was swiftly followed by “wait, some people are trying to sleep here, let’s go somewhere else.” Ahhh.

Also also, the tongue doesn’t really have different taste buds in different places. My science teachers lied to me.