Star Trek trailer

Warning: complete geek-outs may occur upon watching the new Star Trek movie trailer. Spock seems angry. Kirk seems horny. Things are as they should be.

The glimpses of space warfare look quite spectacular – maybe they’ve learnt something from Serenity’s leaf-on-the-wind sequence, which is still the most exciting space battle I’ve ever seen.

Duke Nukem Forever trailer

3D Realms released a Duke Nukem Forever trailer today. It’s short and doesn’t show much, but is nevertheless a real-life, actually existing DNF trailer. I don’t think anybody can quite believe it.

To say that DNF has been delayed is something of an understatement. Put it this way: I started looking forward to this game’s imminent release when I was fourteen. Quite a lot has happened to me since then. The Internet has happened since then. I can’t believe somebody’s financed a decade of development. I wonder if there are programmers who’ve been working on the same game for ten years – that’s gotta be soul-sapping.

I’ll buy it. I have fond memories of Duke 3D. But, seriously, it had better not suck.

The Golden Compass trailer

The first trailer for The Golden Compass is out. It’s on YouTube, but I’d really recommend watching the high quality version here, as it’s full of detail. I think it looks promising: Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel = great, Nicole Kidman as Mrs Coulter = great, Eva Green as Serafina Pekkala may well induce thoughts entirely inappropriate for a kid’s film, and the actress chosen for Lyra seems to look the part.

The trailer is odd, though, and I think it’s because every shot of Lyra shows her alone. Where’s Pantalaimon? There’s one shot of him at the end, but I couldn’t spot him in the background beforehand. Maybe he’s CGI and simply hasn’t been completed yet? It’s strangely wrong that he’s missing, Lyra isn’t Lyra without him.