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Reaching the wedding

I wasn’t ready to drive to London late on Thursday, so headed straight to the Harrow campus on Friday morning. After a full day of lectures I met up with Abi at half 6, then we headed off on the supposedly twenty-minute journey over to our friends in Kilburn. Having never really driven in London before, I came to this conclusion: I have no clue how people do it without dying. It was mental. I’d wait for the exit to clear at a yellow box-junction and have three people overtake. People jumped red lights as I was trying to turn ... Read More »

Odd traffic spike

My website hits went through the roof on Tuesday: I have no idea why this happened. Technorati isn’t suggesting I was linked to by anybody with major traffic, all the hits were to the front page rather than any specific article, and I didn’t actually post anything during the day. Given that hits on my feed went up by a similar percentage I’m guessing it was some kind of insane bot, although the disparity between unique and total visitors doesn’t really tie up with that. Dunno. Read More »

Aaranovitch on traffic wardens

David Aaranovitch writes an excellent piece on traffic wardens and calming measures: Ask almost any conscientious school governor or PTA activist. You can send out a zillion letters, put up a gallery of posters, invite endless consultation — and no one but the same half-dozen parents will respond. Then, as in the case of the school-run permits, suddenly it affects them. Wardens are moving them on as they attempt to triple park in a narrow road. Bang! Why didn’t you tell us? It’s a disgrace! Boom! There’s a campaign group and the local paper moans about a dearth of discussion. ... Read More »

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