I saw Juno this afternoon. Was lovely. I’d recommend it to anyone. No scene lacks a delightful, inspired moment (or three), and it’s crammed with deeply endearing sass. I want Diablo Cody writing my conversations. The lead actress, Ellen Page, puts in such a performance it’s hard to believe she isn’t exactly like her character, and the rest of the cast never hit a wrong note. I also liked the visual styling – my eyes rarely drifted from the characters, but I occasionally became aware of the beautiful compositions and arrangement of scenes. I’ll definitely be picking up the DVD. The official trailer gets the tone of the film perfectly, but possibly gives away a fair bit – I recommend the Odeon version.

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently. This is due to a combination of:

  1. worrying too much about what readers think of me (I go through this occasionally)
  2. hectic off-camera events
  3. pedantically wanting to produce perfect posts (hah)

Shall try to be better, particularly regarding number one.