First thing today a Dinosaur Comics link pointed me towards minus, and with that half my morning was gone. It’s the most beautifully painted comic strip, and I ended up reading the whole archive. Shouldn’t have done that.

It’s hard to pin down, and I’m not the most knowledgeable comic reader, but mix the small-town atmosphere of Peanuts with the touching wonder of Calvin & Hobbes or xkcd, and you’re getting there. The stories always go off in odd directions, with the multiple-strip arcs delightfully bonkers, and the individuals sometimes making sense, and sometimes remaining ambiguous. But it’s the art-style that gets me – I just adore the faces and the pastely backgrounds.

My favourite is probably Mr North’s recommendation of #37, but #36 and #13 are great too. In fact I, ahem, ordered prints of them. Shouldn’t have done that. But they’ll look so lovely on my wall!

Sadly, the reason for the original link was to say minus has ended, which is sad. Hopefully it’ll all stay online.