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I’m just back from seeing Next, the big screen adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s ‘The Golden Man’ short story. It continues the grand tradition of adapting PKD such that it relates to the original as necrotising fasciitis does Umberto Eco1. I spent much of it wanting to give Julianne Moore a hug. Here is a joke from the script, and you should read it like you’re Nicholas Cage: A zen buddhist goes up to a hot dog stand. He says “make me one with everything”. No. Wait. That was the screenplay in my head. The one that made sense. In ... Read More »

A Scanner Darkly

I’ve read a lot of Philip K. Dick, and was intrigued to see A Scanner Darkly last weekend. It’s certainly the closest I’ve seen any film come to capturing the frenetic mania of his novels. I have no clue what somebody unfamiliar with his work would think, though. I was expecting the wildly meandering conversations, the uncertainty about what’s real – pretty much every PKD novel has the nature of reality as its theme – and the abrupt sci-fi twists and turns, but even so I had to concentrate. The film was shot with real actors, then an effect was ... Read More »

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