Applying for jobs

Not to be too dramatic about it, but I have two financial crises on the horizon. Well, they used to be on the horizon, but have now climbed my neighbour’s fence and are currently drooling onto his dahlias. My fixed-rate mortgage is going to end in September, and it’s going to go up a lot. And come next February I’ll have a large tax bill to pay. I’ve been living fairly close to the edge for a while now and it’s been ok, but I haven’t a hope of coping if nothing changes, so it is therefore time for me to get a proper part-time job. Which is fine and will be a blessed relief. It’ll also give me a little extra capital, and it’ll be nice to buy books without feeling guilty.

I’ve applied for jobs at the local library before, and as it happens they recently announced two full-time vacancies. But, I can’t pull that off once my university course starts in whenever (I haven’t heard anything since the acceptance letter, which is getting worrying). Happily there are a couple of other options. Today I applied for insanely cool dream job. Really, it would be fantastic. I’ve no clue what my chances are, but if I have no luck I’ll apply for a part-time post at the local Jessops. I was going through all sorts of I’m-24-I-should-be-past-retail-work silliness for a while, but I now think it’d be a good job, particularly if I’m doing the photography degree at the same time. It’s within walking distance and I’d at least have some idea of what I’m talking about. And, you know, discounts 🙂

Changing direction, or not

In the past few days I’ve felt like ditching my current computer-fixing lifestyle multiple times:

  • After seeing many pictures like this:
    Mother of all libraries 13 by Underpuppy
    I realised I definitely want to get a qualification in librarianship, then later run a small bookshop.
  • This morning I was in the offices of a web-design company as a volunteer for their eye-tracking research. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, and I decided it could be a very pleasant existence and wouldn’t take too much work on my part to achieve.
  • I came home and saw Photojojo’s link to George Lange’s flipbook. After watching it twice I immediately wanted to find a local portrait photographer who would take me on as an apprentice.

I’ll be 24 in a couple of months. I was hoping to have all this stuff figured out by now.