Papal Indulgence

Exciting news!

Pope Benedict XVI has authorised special indulgences to mark the 150th anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s reputed appearance at Lourdes.

What are indulgences? Have a guess. Go on. Bear in mind it is the 21st century. Give in?

Catholics visiting the site within a year of 8 December will be able to receive an indulgence, which the Church teaches can reduce time in purgatory.

I am not making this up.

The pontiff also said believers who prayed at places of worship dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes from 2-11 February next year – or who were unable to make the journey – would also be able to receive indulgences.

I am not making this up. 

Note: “would also be able to receive’. You don’t think they’ll cost anything, do you? Because that would be what’s colloquially known as ‘a racket’. They wouldn’t dare, would they?

Hey, I’ve just remembered: I’ve a voucher offering 10% off at Tesco. It’s only valid this weekend, though. Not sure why I thought of that.

While some might consider indulgences an outdated concept, great spiritual importance have been assigned to them by Benedict XVI and his predecessor, Pope John Paul II.

I am not making this up.

Going to head to Tesco right now, actually – for some reason I fancy a carrot. Also, a stick.