Quite frankly it’s the only way to pray

It’s difficult to be offended by hair straighteners. Maybe if they set fire to your head, but otherwise, what’s to mind? Well, 23 Christians apparently don’t like their adverts, and somehow convinced the generally-sensible Advertising Standards Authority to uphold their complaint.

Here’s the advert (I don’t think it’s quite the banned one, but is close enough). Try to guess what the problem is:

What’s the main issue? They used a cross in place of the letter t. A cross. This makes the baby Jesus cry. He didn’t die / not die / zombify on a cross so people could just use it for…shudder…consumerism, you know. The very existence of the letter t is bad enough – it’s a little known fact that every time you write ‘turtle’ Jesus sends you to hell for another ten minutes – but making it look even more like a cross is offensive to people obsessed with medieval torture instruments. The ASA had no choice.

But Ben spotted the best bit, which has to be my favourite complaint ever. Not only did they use a cross without a note from the Pope, and not only was the Lord’s Prayer quoted without a safety cracker, but the women were ‘praying while being erotic’. Dolly Parton is so going to burn.

Cavemen prefer blondes

There’s a fascinating Independent article today (best be quick before it becomes pay-only content) on the evolutionary causes of blonde hair. I always thought that the lighter hair colours would be something to do with uptake of sunlight, much like skin colour, but it seems that’s not the case. Researchers think that sexual selection in times of food scarcity resulted in blonde-hair genes spreading due to their increased appeal to men. I’m not sure whether this appeal is attributed to the colour itself, or just being different from others.

Hair’s interesting. The classic image of stereotypical male fantasy has long blonde hair. Why long? Steven Pinker, in How the Mind Works, says:

Luxuriant hair is always pleasing, possibly because it shows not only current health but a record of health in the years before. Malnutrition and disease weaken the hair as it grows from the scalp, leaving a fragile spot in the shaft. Long hair implies a long history of good health.

Explains why we all care so much about which shampoo we use 🙂

Happily, times change. I’ve generally always been more attracted to brunettes, and I wonder whether that’s because most of my relatives have darker hair colours. It would make sense that genes that control hair colour would generally co-exist with genes that cause attraction to said colour, right? Do people from predominantly blonde families prefer blondes?

The Independent article also contains this paragraph:

Experts said that as relations between men and women have evolved, men may have become more attracted by brains, represented in their psyche by brunettes, than the more physical charms of blond hair.

Look, I didn’t say it. I put that in mainly to annoy Lynsey 🙂

Or I could just wear hats, I guess

I’m back in Stratford tonight. It’s far quieter than before, which means something isn’t working, but I don’t know what it is. The boiler’s going, I have water…I’m worried 🙂

Ben helped me assemble a second bookcase this evening, and as I was unloading comics onto it this fell out from somewhere:


I don’t remember it being taken, I’ve no idea what I used the cut-out image for, and I’m amazed my hair ever got so long! I grew it for a long time, but don’t remember the curls being quite so pronounced 🙂 It must be early 2002, thinking about it.

I’d have my hair that long now if I could get away with it. The problem is that I can’t – my hair’s too fine to hold itself in place, and as I’m too lazy to use gel or anything it falls forward into my eyes every time I move my head 🙂 I’m fed up with having no real hairstyle – is boring – but I’ve never found anything that works very well. There must be websites about this sort of thing. Ho hum.