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100 favourites

For the first time, one of my photos has reached 100 favourites on Flickr: By most metrics, this is by far the most popular photo I’ve ever taken. It regularly gets posted to blogs / adapted in mashups, and was also used on the cover of an Australian folk album. I took it on the day Stratford flooded, but I really really wanted to stay in and read the newly-released Harry Potter 7, and I honestly remember thinking “what are the odds I’ll take something any good anyway?”. Went out anyway, and saw this couple salsa-ing in the floodwaters. I ... Read More »

Uganda photos: finished

I finally finished processing the Uganda photos/videos this afternoon. Hooray! It is quite the relief, not least because now they’re in the cloud I can stop worrying about hard drive failures taking out my summer’s work. Much as I love Flickr, I have to admit it’s easier to browse the shots on Facebook. FB’s new album layout makes everything look pretty, and the refresh-less Next/Previous is very pleasant. Flickr has the edge in pretty much everything – quality, information, accessibility – but FB is hard to beat for quick browsing. The albums (of selected shots) are here if you’ve a ... Read More »


Hello! I’m still here, really I am. The quietness is more to do with being neurotic than busy. I have plenty of posts drafted on brainstuff, but the moment I consider translating them I feel guilty about the many, many university things I’ve yet to complete, so I go away and don’t do them instead. I’ll be in London all this week, sitting in the university library trying to find people who’ve said something about Flickr that isn’t pretentious beyond imagining. 2500 words seem a long way off. Once that’s done I’ll be putting in a Blurb order for my big ... Read More »

Year 25 Project: Complete

This evening I uploaded a picture taken on May 18th, and with that my Year 25 project is complete. I took a shot every day but one: an inexplicable m0rk on December 17th. I have mixed feelings about the final result. In some ways it’s not what I intended. I wanted each picture to represent the day, and many don’t. Plenty were taken at 2330 when I got home and realised I hadn’t done anything. I intended the project to force me into taking pictures of places and people I don’t normally photograph, but this rarely happened. For example, I ... Read More »

The Victorian tightrope-walking violin-playing street entertainer

I was looking for pictures of tightrope walkers this evening. Flickr kept thinking I meant ‘tight rope’, which brings up very different results. *shudder*. Still, I found some cool stuff, but kept being drawn back to this guy: Now that’s street entertainment. There’s something about this shot I really like – maybe it’s that he looks like a visitor from the past, and I’ve always had a thing for Victorian London. Whatever, it simply rocks. I like this shot too – yikes. Read More »

Flickr Video

Flickr launched their new video functionality last night, and it’s nicely implemented. They’re calling videos ‘long photos’, which is a decent way of approaching it. There’s a 90-second limit, only Pro members can upload, and they integrate into photostreams just like any other picture. It’s fairly snappy (although the FAQ says some older computers may struggle, in which case ‘just go to Best Buy dude’) and nothing plays automatically if you don’t want it to. Their charming FAQ explains the ins and outs. Digital SLRs can’t record videos, so the only footage I have comes from my old Canon G3 ... Read More »


PicLens should be gimmicky, but somehow isn’t. It’s a browser add-on for viewing images (plugin for IE, extension for Firefox), that understands the major photo sites. This means it can display all relevant pictures, rather than just those currently visible. It’s easier to explain with an example: I was making mockups for a uni project this evening, and needed a picture of a juggler, with specific criteria: it had to be a full-length, side-on view. I searched for ‘juggler’ in Flickr, and the search results showed me 20 pictures per page. This was a bit slow, and by page 10 ... Read More »

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