I’ve been roughly following the US elections, but I probably know more about the opinions of the frankly laughable1 Republican candidates than I do the Democratic frontrunners. But, via Martin in the Margins, I now know Barack Obama can give a good speech:

He has a little of the Matthew Santos2 about him, don’t you think? He’s apparently great on tech issues, too.

  1. unless one of them gets elected, which wouldn’t be at all funny []
  2. West Wing S6+7 spoilers []

They’re also going to ban old people

Stephen Colbert isn’t impressed with the midterm election results:

Tomorrow you’re all going to wake up in a brave new world. A world where the constitution gets trampled by an army of terrorist clones, created in a stem-cell research lab run by homosexual doctors who sterilise their instruments over burning american flags. Where tax-and-spend democrats take all your hard earned money and use it to buy electric cars for national public radio and teach evolution to illegal immigrants. Oh, and everybody’s high.

He forgot replacing Christmas with Celebrate Our Monkey Ancestors Day. Crazy people whose opinions aren’t actually far from the above are reported to be crawling back under their rocks.

Pencils should be funny, but somehow aren’t

This would suck:

A former mayor of St Albans lost his council seat after an election tie was settled by getting the candidates to pick the longest pencil.

St Albans Tory councillor Keith Stammers lost out to Lib Dem Judith Shardlow after their votes were tied at 1131 each after three recounts.

Somebody help me out here; I can’t think of any jokes. Pencil things to work from: lead, graphite, HB, sharpening.

Tomorrow’s elections

I imagine that many Bloggers4Labourers…BloggersforLabour-ers…Bloggers4Labour might work as a plural actually…Labour bloggers will be having quite the busy day tomorrow. I appear to live in an area with zero Labour councillors, and haven’t even had leaflets from prospective candidates. This makes me appreciate the hard work of the various Labour bloggers even more. To Jo & Antonia, Mr & Mrs Skuds, Paul and everybody else directly involved: I am in awe of your stunning efforts – best of luck tomorrow!