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Humanist Symposium #51

Welcome to the 51st Humanist Symposium, coming to you on a truly auspicious day on which we celebrate two unarguably excellent things. Firstly, over here in the UK it’s Mother’s Day. Not to be confused with Mothering Sunday, which is a deprecated Christian festival that just happens to coincide with Mother’s Day in Europe – but not in the US. It gets confusing. Mothers, though! I think we can all agree they’re pretty great. Secondly, over there in the US it’s Pi Day. 3.14. Without pi we wouldn’t have the hula-hoop, Stargate or Quidditch, and wedding rings wouldn’t work, so it’s ... Read More »

Happy Darwin Day

Today marks 200 years since the birth of the man who came up with the most subtly magnificent idea in history. Worth a celebration, I think. Somewhat relatedly, last night I photographed the BHA’s Darwin Day lecture by Sir David King and chaired by Richard Dawkins. I had fun. First there were a few behind-the-scenes shots, then I wandered around the back of the audience – as quietly as I could – and took long range photos of the stage with my new 55-250IS lens (the image stabilization is astonishing, I pulled off 1/40s at 400mm, which with a standard ... Read More »

The Genius of Darwin

Just a heads up for The Genius of Darwin, tomorrow at 2000 on C4. Presented by Richard Dawkins, and beginning the coverage up to Darwin’s 200th anniversary next year, it should be fascinating. There’s no discussion of creationism etc. until the third episode, by all accounts – until then it’s just the utter rockage of Charles Darwin (we atheists worship him, you know) and his theory of evolution. Charlie Brooker has a great intro, too. Read More »

Darwin Day

I discovered this week that this Sunday is International Darwin Day, in celebration of the great man’s birthday. Events are being held worldwide, so this afternoon I was hunting for something to attend. First there’s a British Humanists’ Association lecture in London by Susan Blackmore, chaired by Richard Dawkins. I’d love to go to this but, sadly, it’s sold out. Then I spotted was a symposium at Birmingham University. It’s actually happening tomorrow instead of Sunday, but the guest speaker is NCSE staff member Nick Matzke, who wrote the “case for evolution” in the recent US court case in Dover, ... Read More »

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