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The Atheist Bus

This morning a Comment is Free post (of all things) launched a campaign to counter religious advertising on London buses. Quite brilliantly, it’s already raised enough to buy space for an advert on 30 buses, which will say: There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life. Love it. It’s in response to adverts for the Alpha Course, which linked to a website telling of the tremendous suffering that will come to unbelievers. That kind of thing really pisses me off. The Alpha Course isn’t on the fringes of UK Christianity – it’s everywhere. If it were all flowers ... Read More »

Radio 2’s morning whines

When I’m working at home I usually have Radio 2 on in the background. I like the music – contrary to its old-fashioned image, they seem to play a good range of modern stuff, but without the genres that aren’t particularly to my taste – and the presenters. It’s certainly light years ahead of any local station. But I’m increasingly irritated by the public interaction, particularly in the mornings. Terry Wogan’s show is heavily based on listener comments, but what’s meant to be pithy and/or insightful is increasingly just ignorant. I don’t know whether it’s always been like this, or ... Read More »

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