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The advantages of living in rags

I was at a humanist gig in town yesterday, and I think I spent too much time talking about myself. One of those times you look back and cringe. Admittedly I went in tired and not at my best; hopefully I wasn’t too annoying. Anyway – I talked a lot about Uganda, and got into a discussion that’s bounced around my head ever since. I was describing how the local villages probably have just enough food, but the kids are still in rags, and one person started talking about western materialism, and how over here we’re obsessed with having stuff – perhaps ... Read More »

Humanist Symposium #51

Welcome to the 51st Humanist Symposium, coming to you on a truly auspicious day on which we celebrate two unarguably excellent things. Firstly, over here in the UK it’s Mother’s Day. Not to be confused with Mothering Sunday, which is a deprecated Christian festival that just happens to coincide with Mother’s Day in Europe – but not in the US. It gets confusing. Mothers, though! I think we can all agree they’re pretty great. Secondly, over there in the US it’s Pi Day. 3.14. Without pi we wouldn’t have the hula-hoop, Stargate or Quidditch, and wedding rings wouldn’t work, so it’s ... Read More »

Headway Quiz

A friend’s brother was in a nasty car accident last year, and both he and his family were helped out by the charity Headway. They provide information on brain injuries and were apparently a great support, and I went to a quiz last night to raise money for them. It’s a good thing it was for charity, as it wasn’t the greatest quiz in the world. Having double the number of points on a music round – one for the song title, one for the artist – is all very well, but when this isn’t revealed until the round itself, ... Read More »

Children in Need Night

Apologies for the downtime; Textdrive had a couple of problems. If you’re in the UK, I urge you to head on over to the Children in Need website and donate whatever you can afford. I’ve been too busy with NaNoWriMo to participate as I normally would – sorry about that. The whole of the BBC, as well as thousands of people across the country, will be working for free this evening to raise money for children that desperately need the help. £1 is enough to make a difference, and if you Gift Aid it it’s even more (providing you’re a ... Read More »

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