I was over at Nod’s watching a DVD this evening. There’s always some debate as to what we should watch, and today we ended up with The Notebook. It wasn’t my first choice; nor second, if I’m honest. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. The story was, I suppose, predictable (this isn’t spoiling anything, since much of it is told in flashback) but with this kind of film it’s all in the telling. It really seemed to capture the spark of love, and I don’t think I’ve seen the atmosphere of summer romance portrayed so well on screen before. It was quite beautiful at times. Definitely one to catch, if you’re in the mood 🙂

I’m doing ok with the house-sitting. Cat is now eating fine and in the late afternoon strolls into the room for some attention. It’s hard to type when your wrists are being head-butted! Today wasn’t so great , though – I was miserable for no apparent reason, and spent much of the afternoon feeling sorry for myself. Were you to ask me now what was bothering me I couldn’t tell you; it was just one of the phases I go through sometimes. One of those days, I guess.

I was happy to discover that despite being here, in the middle of nowhere, in a house that has no burglar alarm, creaks with all sorts of noises and has animals scurrying about the loft, I’m not scared at all. I always used to get easily frightened when I was young, and although it’s decreased as I’ve got older the odd strange noise or passing flicker1 at a window would send my brain into spasms of gore and memories of every ghost story I’d ever seen. But not now. I guess much of it is because I began to reject the paranormal a few years back, and now rate ghosts at the same level as unicorns. Hand-in-hand with that is the awareness of the actual chances of an axe-wielding maniac turning up right here, right now. Whatever the reasons, I’m happy it’s happened.

  1. it feels oddly awkward to type flicker with an e []