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Back home

Back home, and I had a really good time. The others were great at making sure I didn’t feel isolated, and I almost always had someone to dance with. People are so nice 🙂 I have to confess I went to Blackpool in the end. It was…the same. But I was invited, which was kind, and I did get to ride a carousel, which I try to do whenever possible. I also walked past the Doctor Who museum, outside of which hangs this: Go figure. Read More »

Looking for things to do in west Lancashire

I’m going to St. Annes this weekend. It’s with my dancing group, and I’ve been twice before, but this time it’ll be without any of my regular partners. I wasn’t planning on going, but a couple of other people in the group talked me into it at the last minute1. Which was actually really flattering, and I was quite touched. But while it’s lovely that they asked me, I’m still going to stand out like a priapic Beefeater. I’m, um, a fair bit below the average age, and the only person not in a couple. I’m also hardly the life of ... Read More »

St. Annes Dancing Weekend 2006

I had a plan. We’d leave at about 1400 and avoid the rush-hour traffic, reaching St. Annes by around 1730. I was up until late on Thursday night blogging the Richard Dawkins event, so packed hurriedly on the Friday morning before heading to my guitar lesson half an hour’s drive away in Solihull. After that I walked Megan and started preparing lunch. Everything was going swimmingly. And then I realised I’d left my dancing shoes in Stratford. I mean, of all the things to forget. I had battery chargers of all shapes and sizes, I had spare clothes in case ... Read More »

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