BT scam news reports

As they promised, the BT phone scam report was on BBC Breakfast a few times this morning. I was woken by various texts and emails from people who spotted me, which was fun. The video’s here, and the main article is here1. Hopefully it helped spread the word about these kind of scams.

The only unfortunate part came after the 9:30ish showing, when BBC Breakfast had a consumer advice guy in the studio. He recommended you ask “BT” for your account number, which makes sense, but also that you should ask for your address, as “they won’t have it”. That’s not so sound – the guy who called me knew my address and immediately read it out to me. Still, the overall message was great.

  1. UPDATE: These have since merged, and the three minute report has inexplicably become 30 seconds of just me. Argh. []

Filmed for breakfast news

BBC News filmed me this morning for a piece on phone scammers who pretend to be from BT. A business news producer had found my blog post on the topic, and emailed to ask if I’d be willing to talk about it on-camera. I was happy to, and today I spoke to one of their reporters for about an hour, explaining the details and the trick the scammer had tried to pull on me – apparently it’s doing the rounds at the moment.

Quite exciting, really. There was a reporter, producer and cameraman (plus a couple of inquisitive and adorable dogs), all of whom were very friendly and nice to me. I’d never been filmed like that before, and it was fascinating to see how these segments work, especially with my upcoming uni module on video. After speaking to the reporter they filmed a few general shots of me at a laptop, answering the phone etc., and I’ll be interested to see how it gets cut together.

Apparently it’ll be on BBC Breakfast on Saturday morning, barring monkeys invading Cheltenham or similar. I was not looking my best, though. My hair is bulging over the tops of my ears, I hadn’t shaved in three days, and upon arriving I promptly dropped chocolate down my shirt.  Still, hopefully they won’t use the take where, upon being asked how the phone call made me feel, I decided to say ‘dirty’. Ahem. It got a laugh, anyway.

BBC News items that made me laugh at 0300

Article: Live sporting events could be screened in 3D in US cinemas by 2007 in a bid boost flagging mid-week ticket sales.
I like the journalism here. 3D how? With polarising glasses? As far as I know, I’m one of about six people on the planet who think that’s fun. I like how the rest of the article skips the 3D aspect, preferring to concentrate on sport in cinemas. It’s a bit like producing an article saying “soldiers on the battlefield will be given invisibility cloaks in a boost to stop them getting shot.” and then discussing how many soldiers get shot. I used to have an invisibility cloak, but I lost it1.

Headline: X Factor losers top album chart
Enough said.

Headline: Sea rise could be ‘catastrophic’.
Not catastrophic. No. ‘catastrophic’. Similarly, sea rise could be ‘belgian’.

Headline: Hundreds turn out for the World Pooh-sticks Championship.
Laughing in happiness, this time. This is just great. I also like that ‘Japan are defending their title’.

Must go to bed. These won’t seem half as funny when I’m awake, I’m sure. Apologies.

  1. not my joke. Stolen from digg. []

A Title Not Mentioning Poles

Sometimes, a news story changes completely after you start reading. The headline:

Firefighter cleared by his thong

I defy anybody not to click on that headline. Then:

A fireman who faced the sack after being accused of streaking at work has kept his job after it was revealed he was wearing a thong.

Hmmm, sounds like a jape gone wrong. Was he on-duty at the time, so it would have taken longer to respond to an alarm? Or was it less pleasant, and related to sexual harassment – did somebody take offense at his actions? Let’s read on further and find out…

He told the hearing he was going to collect some shower gel from a car.

Right. Not so much with the streaking, then.

“Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service treats matters regarding the professional conduct of its staff very seriously and is extremely disappointed that such an incident has occurred.”

Riiiight. Why the disappointment, exactly? I’d like to know more of the background to this story – from what’s been reported I can’t see how anybody could be offended by such behaviour and not concede their own muppetry. Was he acting in a lewd manner, or something? More info needed, I think.

Reporting Styles

Just spotted an interesting contrast…

Reporting Styles (better screenshot)

BBC News and the Daily Mail both covered the same story. The article content of each is the same, but the BBC goes with “Confused lions ‘hunt’ small cars” while the Daily Mail has “Stupid lions attack smart cars”. No attacking was involved, incidentally.