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Fight the offensive buses. Fight them.

So yesterday a bus driver turned up to work, saw a heathen message on the side of a bus, and had a strop. With arms folded, stamping his foot and scowling1 he threw all of his toys out of the pram and refused to work any more. His employers have been very understanding, probably because they’re scared witless of getting sued. As has been pointed out, I’m sure they’d have been just as accommodating towards a Labour supporter who refused to drive under Tory adverts. Obviously, this dude is an easy target: who the hell thinks bus drivers endorse adverts ... Read More »

Atheist Buses launched

I am extremely pleased to hear that the Atheist Bus Campaign has been a massive success. It raised over £135,000, from an original target of £5,500. Excellent. 800 buses were launched today: 200 in London, with the remaining ones spread out over England, Scotland and Wales. There are also 1000 Tube cards, with quotations from Douglas Adams, Albert Einstein, Emily Dickinson and Katharine Hepburn. Lovely. There’s been a bit of infighting over the slogan, what with us atheists being contrary by nature. I still like it. There’s also been some deeply entertaining commentary on us arrogant humanists pushing our agenda and being ... Read More »

Eight Lessons and Carols for Godless People

This evening I headed to the Bloomsbury Theatre for Robin Ince’s Eight Lessons and Carols for Godless People. He arranged it in response to incessantly mental claims of an atheist ‘war on Christmas’, and his impressive lineup of comedians and musicians provided three hours of secular entertainment. It was excellent. Really, really great, and surprisingly life-affirming. I have to spend all tomorrow writing and reading logical-fallacy-filled art theories in the uni library, so I’ll write up my thoughts on tonight while they’re still fresh. Sorry if it’s not terribly coherent. The evening was bookended by Carl Sagan, and (half) the ... Read More »

Off to the Godless bonanza

I’m off to 8 Lessons and Carols for Godless People tonight. I’ve been looking forward to it for months. Organised by [Ricky Gervais’] touring sidekick Robin Ince, the line-up includes both men, along with Chris Addison, Phill Jupitus, Stewart Lee, Dara O’Briain and Mark Thomas. The bill is bolstered by leading lights from the world of science – including arch atheist Richard Dawkins – and music from, among others, Jarvis Cocker. “I want these evenings to be like fractured versions of the Royal Institution Christmas lectures,” says Ince, “fun, entertaining and informative.” His motivation is as benign as it is pro-rationalist. ... Read More »

God Trumps

I used to play Top Trumps at junior school. I mainly stuck to the deck of superheroes (shocking, I know), in which Captain America won every time, which is clearly ridiculous. Much more sensible are New Humanist’s God Trumps cards: Sounds about right. They’ve a selection representing all the major belief systems. Agnostics are, as ever, a bit crap. And one card trumps all by making everything NOT FUNNY. Read More »

You wouldn’t want to be miserable

Clearly the Guardian website has an editor with a sense of humour. There’s no other way this article on annoying atheists could have been published: Far from relaxing and enjoying life, most atheists I have encountered are gloomy blighters with a depressing and nihilistic message that there is no purpose to life so where’s the point of anything? They so often fall into the category defined by GK Chesterton: “Those that do not have the faith/Will not have the fun.” I’ve never really understood why ‘there not being a purpose to life’ would imply there being no point to anything. I ... Read More »

The Atheist Bus

This morning a Comment is Free post (of all things) launched a campaign to counter religious advertising on London buses. Quite brilliantly, it’s already raised enough to buy space for an advert on 30 buses, which will say: There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life. Love it. It’s in response to adverts for the Alpha Course, which linked to a website telling of the tremendous suffering that will come to unbelievers. That kind of thing really pisses me off. The Alpha Course isn’t on the fringes of UK Christianity – it’s everywhere. If it were all flowers ... Read More »

The CoE reverend vs. the militant preaching of homosexuality

So there’s this priest who thinks gay men should have “sodomy can seriously damage your health” tattooed on their backsides. Having written this charming statement on his blog, he’s now claiming it was ‘satire’. I am at a loss as to what he’s satirising, though, and can only assume it’s himself. However, it’s nice to see the Church of England condemning him for being obviously out of his mind. Because God in fact likes gay people, he’s just very homophobic and doesn’t want them near him in heaven. Or whatever. I forget. Anyhow, everyone’s pointing and laughing at the old crazy ... Read More »

RIP Cracker

The cracker is no more. It’s gone to heaven, or it’s still alive, or whatever. The post is only a few hours old, and there are already over 1000 comments. I’ve seen plenty of comments over P.Z.’s cracker controversy, with lots of generally sensible people adopting disapproving tones. I think Rebecca Watson gets it right (as ever): A percentage of the omgrude crowd is upset because they do not think PZ’s words help further the skeptical movement because he won’t convince any of the hardcore group that they are crazy. I agree that he probably won’t convince many true believers, ... Read More »

An Atheism Meme

I’ve been tagged by the ever-readable Scribbles. Q1) How would you define atheism? The provisional conclusion that there is no compelling evidence for the existence of spiritual overlords. I still use the term ‘atheist’ as it’s pretty easy to explain what I mean, which I’d have to do for ‘freethinker’, ‘nontheist’ etc. anyway. Don’t get me started on ‘agnostic’, though (the director’s cut of Donnie Darko defines an agnostic as ‘someone who believes that there can be no proof of the existence of God, but does not deny the possibility that God exists’. WTF.). Q2) Was your upbringing religious? If ... Read More »

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