Site ready for deployment

Hopefully the latest round of tweaks have sorted out the majority of problems. It looks ok in IE6, Opera & Mozilla. I can’t think for a minute that it works in Netscape 4.x, but there’s little I can do about that as nothing works in Netscape 4.x. Please let me know any problems/ideas/mumbles you may have.

The funeral was, as you may expect, sad. Peter was apparently a very popular man, given that we think over 100 people were there. I didn’t know he was into powerboating. According to the sermon, he used to embark on a trip for the weekend while his family sat at home and placed bets on what time he’d be back. He would always see the dawn then realise he missed his family, and come home. That summed up the Peter I knew, and the world is a worse place for his loss. He died of skin cancer, and for that reason I encourage everyone to read this article, which summarises both the signs of skin cancer and the causes. I assume everyone reading this knows that tanning salons are a stupid thing, but in case you don’t, let me point you here.

Fresh Start

Today was meant to be my new start business-wise, as I’ve been coasting a little for the past few months and need to extract my digit. However it hasn’t got off to the best of starts, as I was ill last night until 2 in the morning, and consequently have only just got downstairs…

To make the day even nicer, I’m going to my nextdoor neighbour’s funeral shortly. I was told he was ill at the beginning of August, and he died last Sunday. I didn’t know him that well but we’d spoken a fair few times. It was a shock that it had happened so quickly. As the cliche says: it makes you stop and think.

Other than that, I’m doing my accounts today. Woohoo. Will be ok until I discover I’m missing some bank statements…

Design tweakage

So it looks ok-ish in IE, has an annoying gap in Opera and Mozilla’s just mad. I think it’s just a CSS issue. Sometimes you have to explicitly set margin widths to 0.

Kate left today 🙁 Spent the day cleaning out the various pet enclosures, lovely…

Tomorrow is a fresh-start work-wise, more details then.

New Design

So what do you think? It’s purple 🙂 I haven’t applied this to the archive pages yet, so they’ll still look like they did before. Am quite happy with this for now…there’s an annoying gap at the top, and Pegasus is already irritating me. Kate wouldn’t let me use the nymph picture…can’t imagine why.

My favourite problem with the text wrapping around the left-hand column has come back to haunt me…It’s an irritating one. May have to move column over to the right hand side to get it to look ok.

I can’t believe someone stole the Half-Life 2 source. Given the number of people annoyed at this, I can’t see that they won’t be caught before long. Everyone slips up somewhere.

Anyway, Kate’s looking bored, so I shall stop typing…

Figuring stuff out…

Ok, so templates aren’t as easy to configure as I hoped they’d be! Doing it by hand through the UI is a pain, am thinking there may be something I’m not realising

Now, how do I syndicate Ed’s blog…hmmmm…

This colour scheme looked nice yesterday, but now it doesn’t 🙂 Do I have the talent to make something that looks good? Doubt it. Trying out the various default styles but they’re not great.

I should come up with a different name, too!

Things to do:

1. Customize style so it looks high-on-the-funkometer
2. Figure out how to add stories easily
3. Try pictures
4. How to add links?


Ok, 2 is sorted. Using w.bloggar from the desktop and it works fine. 4 was referring to the links on the right toolbar, and I’ve done that by hand. Pics aren’t working yet as they won’t upload, probably just an FTP setting.