Not doing much

Sorry for the lack of blogging. I’ve decided to stay with my parents for the week, as I’m here dog-sitting for a couple of days anyway, and the rest of the week I’d only get lonely in Stratford and come back. I don’t think this is a fun week to be on your own. I’m only checking my emails a few times per day, which is quite a change from normal! I did manage to upload a fair few christmassy photos yesterday, with the help of Picasa. Since Jo’s had so little trouble, I might brave a WordPress upgrade tomorrow without all of my normal programs.

I went and checked on the flat earlier today, and discovered I’d left a window open. Dumbass. It was out onto the walkway at the back of the building so in theory wasn’t publicly accessible. Still, there are only four windows in the flat, so it was a pretty stupid thing to do! It was very cold in there, too. Still, no harm done. Thankfully everything else was fine. I picked up a couple of plectrums, which work far better than the Pointy Piece of Plastic I ripped from some packaging, as well as a couple of other bits and pieces I’ll need to last until the weekend.

I’m currently a few chapters into Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate, which was a present. I don’t know whether it’s the content, the writing style, or a mixture of both, but I’m finding it absolutely fascinating. I guess I was also looking for an excuse to ditch Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which I’d been struggling with. Maybe it gets better, but the endlessly florid dialogue of turn of the century academics drove me to distraction! Maybe I’ll come back to that at some point. Although my to-read pile now contains a couple of Richard Dawkins books, as well as Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, so it may be quite a long wait.

I was in Comet this morning, and all over the floor were large arrows, underneath which was:

I-Pod’s ??

I frame no hypothesis.

There’s apparently heavy snowfall expected tonight…Wonder how much we’ll see here.

Too used to broadband

After checking out the prices for boiler repair etc., we decided to get a British Gas contract. It’s ~£300 per year, but it’s likely that the initial examination and repair would have cost that much anyway, and the BG contract includes all parts and labour. That wasn’t built into the budget, though! The BT engineer should be around tomorrow morning to work on it, which is great as it’s a little chilly in here this evening. Am glad I didn’t phone two days ago

Is it me, or are ITV dramas generally disappointing? Yesterday’s episode of Secret Smile was so promising…Ah well, never mind.

Somebody I vaguely know just sent me a helpful email with news of a fantastic website for avoiding speed cameras! I had to delete it before I replied rather bluntly. Bastards. [deletes rant].

Four days were all I had to last on dial-up internet without muppetry, but I just left it connected for three hours by accident. Dammit! My excuse is that I was cooking at the time, but that doesn’t really cut it.

I have a christmas tree! It’s most pretty. Doesn’t take up *that* much space, either 🙂

Things keep exploding outside my window, in the street. It’s either fireworks, kamikaze fairies, or I should get ready for an evacuation.

Is it lunchtime yet?

This morning I signed the mortgage deed after finding a solicitor who would act as a witness. The first office I went to refused, which was a little odd. The second were fine about it, although when I jokingly started to open the passport while talking about my signature being a little variable I was hastily stopped. Nearly messed up the whole thing, there! Note to self: don’t make jokes in solicitors’ offices. Once the deed is sent off everything should be ready for next Tuesday, I think.

I just reinstalled all the USB drivers in the hope the crashes are a software issue, and the webcam’s plugged in. Now I’m nervous that everything’s going to freeze…I hate this feeling!

Hungry hungry hungry.

Bank Security

A conversation Dad had yesterday:

HSBC Lady: Ok, now I’ve taken all of the details I’ll need to call you back for security reasons
Dad: OK
HSBC Lady: What’s your number?
Dad: Hang on, what’s the point of that? If I were trying to con you, I’d just give you this number! Haven’t you got it on your system somewhere?
HSBC Lady: Oh, probably

As long as they know what they’re doing.

Waking Up

My sleep pattern is completely screwed at the moment, and it’s entirely my own fault. Why do I have such trouble getting up in the mornings?! I’ll wake at a reasonable time, but then decide to give it “just a few more minutes of rest”, which is enough to send me into snoozy-doozy-woozy-land. I have very vivid dreams – this morning I was on a train full of attacking zombies with lions prowling outside – and I’m always out of it for another two hours minimum, normally waking up every so often with all sorts of strange ideas running through my head. It’s not even a pleasant experience; I feel awful even after I do manage to drag myself into the shower, and the dream imagery stays with me all day. Then breakfast’s late and I don’t get enough lunch…Argh – I hate it!

The silly thing is that I really like being up early – I work far better in the mornings and get far more done than if I catch the hours up late at night. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t get up today until 1125, which is entirely pathetic, and I wasn’t much better yesterday. Of course, I then can’t get to sleep until the early hours, hence the witching hour blogging. I’ve got to do something about this. Have kids, maybe 🙂 I’ve got to get out of the habit before I’m living by myself, or I’ll go nuts. Anybody have any suggestions?

Cinema Muppetry

On Tuesday I spotted that my local cinema were showing Serenity a week early, in a special preview evening. I found out who wanted to go, arranged to leave dancing early, but have just discovered that I’m stupid. The cinema showtimes email has next Thursday’s preview screenings listed before this coming Friday’s showtimes, with unclear dates, which is just silly. Admittedly I should have checked properly; it was rather strange for a film to be shown a week before official release. So now I’m all disappointed – was looking forward to that! Ah well.

Two Minutes of Me

I needed a driver for my printer, so went to the Epson website. I clicked the Support section, then selected ‘Printers’ from the drop down box. I then had to select the model, but it wasn’t in the list. Annoying. Maybe my printer counts as a ‘digital photo device’? Still no joy. This had all started when I wanted to print an envelope, and the whole thing was taking far longer than necessary. Why wasn’t my printer listed? Honestly, you’d think that Epson would keep these things up-to-date, it’s in their interests after all. It’s really not all that…huh…hmmm…my printer’s a Canon, isn’t it.