Rise and Fall

An odd duck of a day, this Thursday. I was bothered for various reasons, and it didn’t help that I had a disturbed sleep last night. Physics went ok this morning, but maths was an utter disaster. My maths textbook kept teaching me new things, giving example questions relating to the new knowledge, then setting problems that were nothing like the examples! I don’t mind that if it’s done gradually, but there was no help at all. Finding the centre of mass of an irregular shape, for example. That’s easy. There’s a question asking that, then the next question says ‘What are the co-ordinates of the centre of mass of a piece of wire bent into the shape of the previous question’. What? How do I calculate that? I’m sure it’s easy, but there’s nothing even approaching a hint, and there’s no working in the answer. So that was confusing me, and in the end I just gave up. Which was wrong of me. There’re only 50 days or so until the exams start, so now isn’t the time to be struggling.

Dancing this evening was interesting, as there were 6 of us! I had a harem. I wanted to get t-shirts printed, but the girls weren’t terribly enthusiastic. Odd, that. The other four girls hadn’t been before, so Lynsey and I were demonstrating the various dances. It was fun! Worryingly, they picked it up rather quickly. That’s not the idea at all! We’ve taken weeks learning all those steps 🙂 I think we took over a good quarter of the dance floor, especially on the new chasse (is that the correct word?). We were dancing for far longer than everybody else in the class, and the teachers even took requests for music we wanted. We tried a fast jive at the end, which was exhausting but great fun.

I must have an early night tonight. Must. No getting sucked into flickr browsing or boingboing‘s tributarial links.

Off to a Darkened Room

I’m bothered at the moment. And tired. And not doing very well at learning. The latter may be related to the first two. I don’t know how to handle people who don’t understand that computers Just Don’t Work Sometimes. I’ve tried explaining, but to no avail. And I’m not remembering physics things I only learnt a few months ago. Urk. I guess posting at close to 1am isn’t doing me much good 🙂

On the up-side, it’s dancing this evening, and I have exciting plans for this weekend.

Tuesday Wrap-Up

I’ve added a fair few pictures to my flickr gallery today – regular readers will have seen most of them before, though. I’m putting all of my high-res USA photos online, as their current wongaGallery versions lost the EXIF data, somehow. All photos, as with everything on this website and the wiki, are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, which means that anybody can use and modify them providing they give me credit and don’t make any money from them.

It’s the budget tomorrow, and it should be very interesting to see what happens. I’d guess that something will be done about house prices – probably an increase in the stamp duty threshold – as it’s getting increasingly silly. Will there be a election-related gesture? Who knows. I doubt there’ll be anything substantial, personally. And while we’re talking about politics, Tony Blair has refused to be drawn into an abortion debate. Good.

By the way, the Comic Relief total has increased to

Where’s Your Head At?

I would just like to say:

When the day is dawning,
On a Texas Sunday morning
How I long to be there
With Marie who’s waiting for me there
Every lonely city
Where I hang my hat
Ain’t as half as pretty,
As where my baby’s aaaaat.

Is this the way to Amarillo?
Every night I’ve been hugging my pillow
Dreaming dreams of Amarillo
And sweet Marie who waits for me.
Show me the way to Amarillo.
Ive been weeping like a willow.
Crying over Amarillo,
and sweet Marie who waits for me

Sha la la la la la la la
Sha la la la la la la la
Sha la la la la la la la
And Marie who waits for me

If it’s in my head, it’s in yours too 🙂

You know what else is in my head? Strange floaty floaty goop. I was feeling slightly off yesterday, but then spent all of last night in a strange half-sleep trying to fix something. You know, one of those repetitious dream-like things where you try and try and try to do something, but can’t. I [hate] that. And now I’m feeling most odd.

Great Film Quiz

Nod, Ben and I have been struggling with this quiz all afternoon. It’s so very, very, very infuriating. My score is currently 23 / 72, although Nod’s on 37! Thanks to boingboing.net for the linkage, and note their proviso:

Consensus seems to be that #63 doesn’t work because the puzzle’s creators entered a typo. In addition to spelling, things like articles (“the xxx” vs. “xxx”) and punctuation (“xxx’s” vs. “xxxs”) matter – and aren’t always quite right. But other than that… it’s tough, and maddening.

Time Flies

I’ve been so busy working on the new page design / software that I’ve missed writing about all sorts. Like the new Doctor Who. I’m so excited about that programme! Or that in dancing tonight we started learning the jive! Excellent fun, that is, and extremely energetic.

I doubt I’m going to have time tomorrow (oop, today), though, as it’s Red Nose Day! My beard shall be turning red, and as we’ve made over £150 (bloody marvellous people, you are) my hair will be getting the same treatment. The current plan is that all updates will be via this website. There’ll be before / after photos, and I’ll take requests for places to go to have my photo taken (within reason!). I’d best be getting to bed or there’ll be large bags under my eyes, which would detract from the coolness of the redness, somewhat. Might put the ladies off, you know.