Figuring stuff out…

Ok, so templates aren’t as easy to configure as I hoped they’d be! Doing it by hand through the UI is a pain, am thinking there may be something I’m not realising

Now, how do I syndicate Ed’s blog…hmmmm…

This colour scheme looked nice yesterday, but now it doesn’t 🙂 Do I have the talent to make something that looks good? Doubt it. Trying out the various default styles but they’re not great.

I should come up with a different name, too!

Things to do:

1. Customize style so it looks high-on-the-funkometer
2. Figure out how to add stories easily
3. Try pictures
4. How to add links?


Ok, 2 is sorted. Using w.bloggar from the desktop and it works fine. 4 was referring to the links on the right toolbar, and I’ve done that by hand. Pics aren’t working yet as they won’t upload, probably just an FTP setting.