2016, then

2016 can obviously go screw itself for many reasons. Mine was split in two by a painful breakup in June, and I still miss her whenever I stop. But aside from that and the ghastly state of politics, there were many good things:

  • My best friend got married in New Zealand, and I was his Best Man. I took the opportunity to travel around NZ with some friends, so was there for three weeks of wonder and awesomeitude. I got to peer into a live volcano on White Island, sail under glowworms, traversed Fenton Street, get helicoptered off a glacier, accidentally broke the rules in Hobbiton, heard the best pew-pew-pew traffic lights ever, visit Queenstown – the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen – and generally experience all manner of excellence. The wedding went off with a hitch, and my speech went well. I am very lucky.
  • I took my friend T-Rex with me, photographing him in as many exotic locales as possible. He amassed such a following on Facebook that strangers at the wedding asked me where he was. This winter he also went on an astonishing trip to Antarctica without me, courtesy of an amazing celebrant friend.
  • While there I also did this, because why not:

  • Outside of NZ, I was in three dance performance groups, all of which were excellent fun. This was my favourite:
  • I danced at competitions in London, Disneyland Paris, and Blackpool, courtesy of the brilliant Inspiration 2 Dance. Disneyland Paris was particularly great, because it’s Disneyland Paris, obviously, but also I actually did ok in the competition.
  • I passed two dancing exams: Ballroom Gold, and Latin Gold Bar One.
  • Dancing in general kept me sane, particularly the last six months. I think I’m improving, too.
  • I became an actual manager at work, which is a whole new set of skills to work on.
  • At work we were also Trapped in a Room with a Zombie, which I cannot recommend enough.


Get up earlier. Mornings are nice.