2013, then

Ok so this came round fast. Has anyone looked into whether time is still working right? I have suspicions. But highlights of the year:

  • Danced a lot, with much training for a showdance in April then an amazing Pro-Am competition in Paris in December. I also found a few more local events to go to, with open-air dancing in Regent’s Park being a particular highlight. And I got to see the best dancers in the world compete at the Albert Hall.
  • I had a big year at work, given that I essentially took all their systems apart and started from scratch. It was pretty stressful, and it’s taken a long time to get stable again, but I’m happy with it.
  • Moved boat, which involved sailing the new one through the centre of London on a very hot, very busy July afternoon. Biggest achievement here: not getting creamed by a Clipper. Those things move fast. New boat is lovely, has actual central heating, has space for all my books, and feels like a proper home.
  • Dressed up for Dapper Day at Disneyland Paris. It was cold. It was wet. It was great.
  • Ate 10 Creme Eggs in 10mins in a competition for charity. This was exactly the same as my competitor, but I then won the ensuing egg-off by a fraction of a second. Was worryingly unscathed afterwards.
  • Turned 30, and the world didn’t end. Not sure about 31, though.

My resolutions last year were:

  • Reply to people faster. Lulz. No. I am so bad at this.
  • See more films, and go to the theatre sometimes. I was pretty good at the former – I tried to make myself do this when I knew otherwise I’d just be moping at home, and I saw most of the big summer films. And I saw Burn the Floor and Midnight Tango, which were both great dance shows.
  • Try to relax more. Ha. Well, after a fashion. Work was completely deranged for the first half of the year, and if I wasn’t actually at the office I was still worrying about it. But dancing kept me sane – it’s almost impossible to think about other things when at the studio, and I enjoy it more than anything else.

There’s nothing much on the horizon for this year bar a wedding or two, so I’m free, free! Resolutions:

  • Dance more, dance better. Practice practice practice.
  • Less work, more holidays. My first proper break wasn’t until December, which was a bit silly. I did fit in a weekend in Bath, though, and that was great, so I want to try more short trips like that.
  • Do more stuff. 2013 was too low on stuff – I need to seek out more things happening in London, and just go on my own.
  • Budget. I keep getting this wrong, so am going to try out You Need A Budget.

Here’s to a bouncy and shiny 2014.