Viennese Waltz showdance

This is the Viennese Waltz showdance we performed last weekend. We’d been training for it since Christmas, and I was pretty nervous. We’ll hopefully be doing it again at a competition in the summer. There’s a longer version here with our introduction and a brief post-dance interview, should you fancy that.

I hadn’t worn tails for a dance before, so hired a suit. This was mortifying. The lady was very helpful, but the first thing she did was measure my chest and say ‘you are small, aren’t you?’. I murmured some agreement, and it turned out they don’t do shirts in my size, so it’d have to be too big. Then she held a tailcoat out for me to try on, and once I’d done so she explained how I’d done it wrongly. Apparently I don’t know how to put on a coat.

I was then shown through to the changing room, and told to ‘take my time’. This was a bit odd – how hard could it be? Quite hard. Took ages. Mostly because the shirt used studs rather than buttons, and had about a thousand layers, and was clearly designed as a joke. I gambled (correctly) that the trousers are supposed to come up to your rib cage, but I didn’t even try the bow tie (this was a clip-on, and on the Saturday night took three people ten minutes to figure out).

Then I didn’t know about collars, or cummerbunds. And I put the coat on wrongly again (by not holding the shirt cuffs). But I got there in the end. And tails are a bit like posh capes, so I was happy.