Pickles what

Here’s a lovely post about things the author misunderstood until an embarrassingly late age. The commenters join in with gusto, coming up with gems such as thinking Olivia Newton-John was Elton John’s ex-wife, and that ponies are baby horses. I’m glad lots of people have these. Some of mine:

  • I didn’t know that salmon was pronounced ‘sammon’ till I was 15 or so. Thought they were different things (it’s unclear what, to be honest). This was notoriously revealed in a game of Taboo.
  • I never understood why people said the Superman logo was an ‘S’ shape. I always saw the inverse pattern, which is essentially a bunch of polygons. I think I was about 14 when it finally clicked.
  • “It’s always in the last place you look.” Didn’t quite appreciate this one till, ahem, my late 20s. Ok last year shut up.
  • Not sure when I realised ‘The Beatles’ was a pun, but I remember pretending that obviously I’d always known that.
  • Upon reading the comments of the linked post, I learnt something unexpected about pickles *shameface*

Via defective yeti.