2012, then

Quite liked 2012. Some of the highlights and lowlights:

  • After last year’s resolution to take dancing a bit more seriously, I joined an amazing studio and subsequently danced at competitions in Miami and Disneyland, Paris. This was essentially the best thing ever.
  • I was Maid of Honour at my ex’s wedding, so helped run the Hen Do, as well as taking photos and giving a speech. I’d never done anything like that before.
  • I ran the Questival camping weekend for the AHS.
  • Tried and failed to move onto a purple boat (plans got scuppered after we found too many problems)
  • Spent 90mins in a fMRI scanner as part of an experiment.
  • Helped out at the BHA conference in Cardiff, the AHS conference in Birmingham, and took photos at the Labour Party conference in Manchester.

The first three of those took up all my free time, and as such everything happened fast. That was really 12 months?

I don’t have quite so much planned for 2013, yet. I’m booked in to go back to Miami in August, and there are showdances to practice and perform before then. I’m also turning 30 in May, and it’d be nice to do something special for that.


  • Reply to stuff quickly. I’m getting really bad at this. I tend to see messages come in, and am usually in the middle of something, so I figure I’ll reply later when I can think properly. And then don’t, because when I’m not in the middle of stuff I’m usually asleep. This is rubbish, and causes endless problems for both me and other people. So: the 2-2-2 rule seems a good starting point.
  • See more films, and go to the theatre sometimes. I’m within walking distance of the West End, for goodness’ sake.
  • Try to relax more. I have a habit of taking work home with me, and losing sleep over it. I like that I have a job I care about, but the balance is a bit wrong atm. Dancing has kept me going the last 6 months or so, but that’s suffered sometimes – I was pretty tired at the Disney competition, which was annoying.

Happy new year!