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Naming the purple

I am trying to  switch boat. My current boat needs quite a lot of work doing inside – a new bathroom and kitchen, for example – and my parents are a) in need of a project b) selling their boat. So cunning plans ensued and a new boat was found. It’s less immediately pretty than my current replica dutch barge, but much nicer inside, so the price balances out. Anyway that is all boring – the important thing is that the new boat is PURPLE:


Haven’t actually got it yet. The builders are fixing it up and we’re inspecting the results tomorrow. Assuming all is ok, we’ll then need to sail it the 10hr trip from Roydon to the marina. Anyway that is all boring – onto the important business of names. It is new so only has a temporary name: ‘Purple Haze’. I feel like I should come up with something of my own. So, here’s what I’m thinking:

Any favourites / ideas? Obviously it is quite camp, which I feel needs acknowledging. Other suggestions so far are ‘Barney’, and ‘People eater’.

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