Hmmm bop

I braved the dancefloor at a wedding this weekend. I’m pretty nervous about party dancing – give me a set of ballroom/latin rules to follow and I’m fine, but ask me to move to a beat in an unstructured way and I feel like a dork. I’ve been told I don’t look quite so stupid as it seems, though, so I’ll give it a try if the lights are low. And when the playlist kicked into I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ there was no real choice.

As it happens, that particular song has a cha-cha beat, so I was a little more in my comfort zone. I fudged some basic steps for a bit, then noticed that a girl opposite me was doing the same. So I figured what the hell, stepped forward, offered my hand, and we danced a little routine, much to the surprise of everyone else on the dancefloor. We even got a cheer.

Ok, not the most exciting anecdote ever. But quite nice for me, as this is exactly how it’s meant to work, but never before has in 8yrs of learning to dance. So yay 🙂