It’s been a quiet week, for the most part. Other than the 12 people + 3 children + a labrador + trying-to-keep-my-mouth-shut madness of xmas day, I’ve mainly been lazing around reading. As is traditional I got a cold the moment I stopped work, so much of the holiday has been a fuzz of nose orgasms followed by speculation on whether it’s possible to dynamite the sinuses. Still, it’s been good to have some kind of rest. And I now have a Kindle, which is excellent.

My highlights of 2011:

  • Got a job at the BHA
  • Completed my photography degree
  • Moved to London
  • Ran Questival (successfully enough that I’ve been asked to run 2012 – hooray!)
  • Had a 2 month photo exhibition
  • Performed a magic show for the first time in a decade

My big worry this time last year was the Big Looming Crisis of my degree ending with no prospects in sight. Happily, things seem to have gone ok. The first few months of the year were spent worrying about that, followed by non-stop trying to find somewhere to live, settling into the job and generally trying to get any kind of stability. After seven months I am, finally, just about settled. I live on a little boat in Rotherhithe, which suits me fine, and the job is going generally ok.

So: resolutions. Hmm. My biggest problem has been focussing too much on work. I’m usually there late, and am on call at weekends / holidays. So it’s a bit relentless, and when things start to get stressful I find it hard to detach. So my resolution is to start doing other things, and since I find myself still extremely enthusiastic about dancing, I’m going to try to take that up a level. Like finding somewhere to practice in London, and getting more technical about it. I don’t really know how this is going to work, but there are approximately a billion dance schools in London, so something should be doable.

Various other things that occur to me about 2011:

  • I’ve hardly taken any photos.
  • I’ve given up any pretence at cooking. And much of it was pretence, so this is arguably more honest.
  • Apparently I have also stopped blogging, which is rubbish. I will try to be better.
  • Everybody is getting engaged. Or moving in together. That kind of commitmenty thing. Everybody. A timer on the biological clock has clearly gone off, or something. It all happened fast. But hey, next summer I’m going to be maid of honour at my ex’s wedding, which should be fun.

Anyway, Happy New Year!