Tricked out

It is done. Phew. It went ok, though not great. My first trick failed after I didn’t give my volunteer the correct instructions, meaning something in the trick physically broke, and I had no way out but a humiliating climbdown. So that was a bit of a shame. But the remaining tricks went fine. One, a Derren Brown-esque mentalist effect, involved me getting three volunteers on stage, and at the climax one exclaimed ‘how the fuck did you do that?’. Which is basically the ideal result.

My introduction was quite fun, too. The Head of Ceremonies unexpectedly listed a few facts about me, including the baby-delivering incident. I then bounced onto the stage, full of self-affirmation and relief the moment had finally come, but was quickly cut off by people at the back saying they couldn’t hear me due to music playing over the speakers. So various people went to sort this out, while I stood on the stage, trying to think of things to say. I had a few questions about Thriller etc, and I eventually gave them a blow by blow account of my nephew’s birth. Which filled the time nicely, but was not at all something I expected to be talking about. Seems a bit vain in hindsight, but I couldn’t think of anything else, and it’s no more so than doing a magic show in general, I suppose.

I had lots of compliments about the show, and people did seem to have enjoyed it, which is lovely. I’m still embarrassed about the mistake, but more annoyed that I didn’t get to show it – it’s a really good trick! But these things happen, I guess. At least it was at the start, so things could only get better.

Have to say, I did like being on stage again. The nerves were crippling and not even vaguely fun, but there’s nothing quite like getting gasps of wonder from an audience. Addictive.