Getting tricksy

Tomorrow is the annual conference for celebrants – the people who the BHA train to perform funerals, weddings, and naming days – and as usual I’ll be helping out. I’ve been turning up for a couple of years, taking photos and generally doing what I can, but this time I’m properly in the thick of things. I’ll be there with my usual photobooth for taking profile shots for websites, and will be running tech support and helping at a workshop, but I also agreed to be the evening entertainment – as a magician.

I’m not sure quite how this happened. I haven’t done any magic for 10yrs. I think my last show was forcing my least favourite teacher into a guillotine on the final day of secondary school. I can only assume I must have mentioned this at some point, as the Ceremonies team out-of-the-blue asked if I’d be happy to do a 10-15min show for ~100 people, and I said yes, on the grounds that interesting things only happen when you say yes (thank you Danny Wallace). And have gone through various stages of panic since. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks thinking of little else. Despite moving house in this time, I’ve had magic stuff running through my head pretty much continuously.

This evening I did a practice run, and it seemed to go ok. Nonetheless, I am basically petrified. Hopefully it’ll be fun. Will report back. Eep.