Google+ me

Just to say I’m increasingly using Google Plus to post links, pictures or random thoughts that are too long for Twitter, but don’t warrant a full blog post. There’s a new sidebar item to track these – though it cuts things a bit short – and my full G+ profile is here.

I’m quite hopeful about Google+. It’s clean, easy to use, and I’m finding Circle-targeting surprisingly handy. It’s convenient to use the same interface for updating the world as for selected friends – x is engaged, or here’s something that you’ll need to know if you’re visiting the BHA offices any time soon, etc. Obviously Facebook can do the same thing, but their new interface is a hassle, and it’s increasingly nice to go back to the Googly land of whitespace and ordered timelines. I’m hoping G+ will slowly gain traction, particularly once they add event planning, and fix the little features like customising preview text.

Update: for anyone finding G+ a bit empty, I recommend following various science journalists. Ed Yong, Carl ZimmerMaggie Koerth-Baker and (particularly) Xeni Jardin are regularly posting fascinating updates.