Beats discussing the weather

Slightly paraphrased conversation from a wedding last week:

Him: So where you are working now?
Me: I’m with the British Humanist Association
Him: What do they do?
Me: [explains about BHA campaigns, using the example of objecting to adoption agencies who refused to place children with gay parents]
Him: All sounds a bit politically correct.
Me: [refuses to rise to it] Well, it’s more basic decency.
[conversation carries on for a bit]
Him: Of course, you realise that human rights are a westernised concept, and other cultures have different interpretations.
Me: [RISES TO IT] Ok, let me explain why that is a colossal bunch of crap.
Him: Other countries value the group over the individual, and we can’t apply our concept of human rights to them.
Me: All sounds a bit convenient to me – is it their repressive governments saying this? Also people still suffer as individuals, right?
[conversation carries on in this vein, to the point that various people try to intervene]
Him: I’m not going to argue any more. That’s clearly your opinion and you’re not going to change your mind.
Me: Let me explain why that is also a colossal pile of crap. [explains]
Him: …
Other people: It’s been a lovely wedding, hasn’t it?

Probably not your average wedding conversation. Wasn’t all that heated, just vociferous. And kinda fun. Can’t let that kind of thing go unquestioned.