A few posts back I mentioned that after the royal wedding I met up with a friend who was wearing a wedding dress. This was to help out with #weddingkate, described by the Kate in question as:

A slightly crazy plan that involved me donning a wedding dress and hitting the streets of London to meet people called Will. All the while interviewing people using Audioboo and reporting on the atmosphere in central London and at street parties.

The challenge was to meet, photograph and interview 10 Wills, and this resulted in a mad, excellent day of running around London. Kate’s written it up in full – intro here, details here – and I can’t improve on it. Did she complete the challenge? I won’t spoil the ending…

I was well impressed with her fortitude throughout the day – I hadn’t realised how cumbersome wedding dresses are, and we did a *lot* of walking. So much kudos to her for putting herself through such a challenge, and also thanks for an unexpectedly fun and memorable royal wedding day.