On R4’s Ramblings

I’ve heard from various people that I was on Radio 4’s Ramblings show yesterday morning. Ramblings follows people going on interesting walks, and as such I was briefly interviewed by Clare Balding on The Ancestor’s Trail walk a couple of weeks ago.

The Trail was a 13 mile walk across the Somerset hills, on a path designed to represent a journey along Darwin’s tree of life – as we walked the path was joined by smaller footpaths representing the branches of evolutionary history. I was there representing the BHA and the AHS, and had a lovely, exhausting time. I wrote it up for the BHA here.

I haven’t heard the show yet as I’ve been dashing about photographing weddings and trying to catch trains, but it’s here:


Hopefully it’s ok…

(update: grr at iPhone app not registering the apostrophe in the title)