Fitting ways to sign off from uni

A couple of weeks ago I ran a quiz and a photo challenge at uni’s end-of-year events day. Neither went well. I think my contempt for disillusionment with certain aspects of my course may have slipped its leash at one point.

The photo challenge consisted of a grid of 8 Restrictions and 8 Challenges. The Restrictions were things like ‘everybody’s feet must be off the floor’, ‘there must be a member of staff in the photo’ etc. The Challenges consisted of ‘Represent Lady GaGa in some way’, ‘recreate Leo and Kate on the prow of the Titanic’ etc. So the overall idea was to take 6 photos, each of which combined a restriction and a challenge – a Lady GaGa photo with a member of staff, for example.

So we pitched this to the room and were immediately met by comments that this was very complicated and they didn’t understand. At which point I found myself telling them to ‘man up’ because ‘you’re at university’. This was not met by the self-reflection and amused agreement I had hoped for, and instead I got a bunch of stony looks.

Happily, we nonetheless ended up with one enthusiastic team who had a good go and seemed to enjoy themselves, so it was worth doing.

Then came the quiz. This was all a bit loud and lifeless due to being placed in the tea room, where many students were not unreasonably buying tea and chatting over cake, and didn’t feel much like trying to remember who won Eurovosion. So I spent 90mins yelling, and as such it was all a bit of a bust, but I did discover that 18 year-olds don’t know who Buffy the Vampire Slayer is. I suppose I should have seen that coming, but nobody in the room could tell me the final item in the series ‘crimson, eleven, delight’, either (or had the slightest clue what I was talking about). Far more serious indictment.