I got my uni marks today, and I’m 99% sure it rounds out to a 2.1. Hooray!

I’m perfectly happy with that, but I will admit to being slightly miffed about the mark for my major final project: the Uganda exhibition got 61. They didn’t like it because I didn’t spend much time talking about its academic and conceptual significance. I don’t think that was unreasonable – it was, after all, a charity exhibition designed to raise money and awareness – though perhaps I should have remembered that uni is uni, and conceptual stuff has always ruled. Here are my tutor’s comments:

My own view is that the body of work is probably more effective and successful than the mark here suggests. However, whilst you made a very good job of promoting the work of the trust you made a very poor job of promoting and explaining your work in the academic context. You needed to make an assessment of how your work would be viewed conceptually and practically, and by whom, and then promote and package it so its strong points would be visible and fully understood. Crucially you needed to articulate its academic significance within the medium you are studying…Nevertheless this is clearly good work directed towards useful and rational ends.

This is odd. The academic significance of any no interest or relevance beyond a small, niche group of people – and the exhibition was absolutely not aimed at them. Still, I’m pleased my tutor seemed to like it himself. He had my back when other teachers wanted to outright fail me back in March, and the above reads like he was outvoted this time, mark-wise. Which is cool – he’s been on my wavelength since day one, and if he likes it, I’m happy.

Directly after reading the above results I received some exciting proof layouts containing my Uganda pictures, for a national publication. Took the edge off 🙂 More info on that coming soon.

I was gearing up for a fight over these results – genuinely thought they might try to fail me at the final hurdle – so it’s quite a relief not to have to worry any more. Looking up the results was, frankly, terrifying.

My science-y dissertation got 69, but I haven’t seen any feedback for that yet. It exists in the world, but only on a piece of paper that I have to travel to uni to pick up. Ho hum.