Launching Questival 2011

Running to get a train, but wanted to mention that we just launched Questival 2011! This is after months of preparation. There’s still lots to do in terms of the details, but we’re now in a position to start selling tickets. Hooray! Here’s the writeup:

Questival is the annual weekend of camping and freethinking, run by the AHS. It’s a physically and mentally active weekend, designed for adults with a rational worldview. Our aim is to entertain, educate and exhaust you in equal measure.

We aim to do this via puzzles, comedy, philosophy, walks, skepticism, maths, puns (it’s intense!), debate and games – and all while meeting people with similar worldviews from across the UK and Ireland. Questival is aimed at adults (both students and non-students) and whether you’ve a passing interest in rationality, or are an active leader of an AHS society, it’s going to rock.

We have stand-up mathematician Matt Parker talking on the Saturday night, with more speaker announcements on the way. I’m heading up this year’s event, and it’s quite the relief to finally be off and running! The website is here.