First fortnight

I have been rightly told off by multiple people for not blogging about starting work. Sorry about that. Life is somewhat chaotic and shuttly at the moment, but that’s no excuse in the age of iPhones.

In a nutshell: other than the first day, things have been great. In a coconut shell: that first morning I had an initial meeting to go over my responsibilities, which turned out to be so broad that I could barely keep a hold of them all in my head, and the idea of actually understanding them all seemed somewhat demented. This, coupled with a database problem that revealed my knowledge of SQL was rustier than I thought, brought me down for a bit. But I figured infodump terror would pass, and SQL could easily be refreshed, and so it proved. It was just a matter of waiting for my brain to catch up.

I had a week’s handover with my predecessor, and have been flying solo since last Tuesday. There hasn’t been time to worry about this, though, as I’ve been meeting people, trying to work out the intricacies of the BHA setup, and helping out at Tuesday’s CFI-UK event (Richard Swinburne = well entertaining), all amongst a maelstrom of general facts, linkages and structures. Which has been great – I quite enjoy it when things get hectic. Plus the office environment is lovely, which helps a lot.

More problematic is finding somewhere to live. I stayed in a hotel the first week, and a very kind friend is putting me up at the moment, but obviously this needs to change soonish. My initial plan has fallen through, annoyingly, but there are a few possibilities. I’ll probably look at weekday shares for a few months, just to tide me over.

So I think I’ve been coping ok, though I may have been a bit more tired than I realised this weekend. Yesterday I called into Tesco, and on my way back to the car saw a bunch of trollies lined up next to the trolley bay. Other people returning trollies seemed to be unsure what to do, given that this line was blocking one whole side of the road. I figured people were just dumping their trollies in a stupid place, so quickly pulled the line apart and shoved them all back into the bay. At which point the trolley man came back to pick up the line he’d been collecting. Don’t think he was very impressed. I left in a hurry. Probably should have worked that out. Ho hum.

The current worry is my Big Final University Deadline, on Wednesday. I have to hand in a bunch of photos from my exhibition, which has just been taken down, as well as pick up some shots of the exhibition itself, which are being printed in the Midlands. This should all be ok, but I’m just aware that one slip here could render the last 4 years moot. And with tutors who were happy to declare my project illegitimate 6mths after I pitched it, I figure it’s best to tread carefully.

One slight quandary: the associated end-of-uni celebrations are, typically, clashing with the welcome-to-newbies drinks at the BHA, so I need to decide what to do – goodbye to the past, or hello to the future?

Post-Wednesday, everything will be shinyfreshnewstart. It’ll be bizarre not having a naggy uni-voice in the depths of my subconscious, but I think that counts as levelling up. And work, so far, is good. Ra.