Big day

Right then. Tomorrow is my first day of proper employed work in almost 9yrs. Proper new chapter and all that. Is all quite exciting and ever so slightly terrifying.

Working for other people will be weird. Apparently they don’t let you watch Doctor Who over lunch then write Very Important Blog Posts about it in the afternoon, while promising to finish those reports in the evening. And what if I run out of biscuits?! I’m pretty sure I have a civil right to a 45minute stroll to satisfy my bourbon cravings.

This possibly explains why my self-employment was such a success.

But I’m still mightily chuffed to be working for the BHA. Couldn’t ask for more, really. And this is all far less worrying than walking into a job with people I don’t know in a company I know little about, which is what I assumed would happen this summer.

I’ll be relocating to London during the week and heading back to Stratford at weekends. Still trying to sort out accommodation, so the next few weeks will involve lots of shuttling to different places, but it’ll hopefully come together soon.

Ok, had best try to sleep so I’m alert in the morning. Life will be quite different. Am looking forward to it.