At tonight’s Argentine Tango class we learnt a new move with an optional extra: the woman can hook her leg around the man’s waist as they go into a cool dippy turn thing1. My regular partner wasn’t there, so I was dancing with one of the teachers, who is about my age and brilliant at the AT, and she said she wouldn’t put me through this move. It involves the man supporting the woman’s entire bodyweight, she said, and she wasn’t going to make me do that, as she’s pretty heavy. Now, incidentally, this is completely untrue. But even if it weren’t, I wasn’t going to let it slip by. It doesn’t do to let people put themselves down like that. So I attempted to say something nice.

At this point regular readers will note the confluence of a dance class, a woman my own age, and my trying to say anything at all, and may be wincing. And, indeed, the result was me giving a surprised look and saying ‘you can’t be that heavy’.


Could have been worse, I guess, but still.

  1. there is probably a swish spanish name, but I have forgotten it []