Star treatment

Here’s a shot of Brian Cox I took last year (for a calendar that never got off the ground):

Brian Cox with a globe

I had to photoshop it a bit. I stripped out the background, darkened the entire thing somewhat, and enhanced the globe. It’s not a particularly dynamic shot in the end, but this week’s Radio Times used a similar concept to create a much more dramatic image:

Brian Cox on the Radio Times front cover

I see where I went wrong, now. Clearly what I should have done was enlarge his head to twice its real size. And why bother with thumbs when you can have five full length fingers?

Via Photoshop Disasters.

UPDATE: All right, maybe I’m wrong on this – the RT website has the original source photographs, and the proportions are, somehow, roughly correct.  I still reckon something’s gone amiss in the combination of images, though – the final version looks pretty bizarre. Or maybe I’m just jealous.