Dissertation: done

Dissertation: completeI can’t really be all cool and nonchalant about this: my dissertation is done! Hooray! I gave a presentation on my proposed topic at about this time last year, so it’s satisfying to finally finish. Also it’s basically the only thing I’ve done in the last month, so the relief is impressively deep.

It’s essentially a plea to take science more seriously in theories of visual art1, which was actually quite good fun to write. The main topic is neurophysiology, which I touched on in a post in November, and how the structure of the eye and its cells has more impact on what we see than might be expected – if you’re into culture as an explanation for everything, anyway. Weirdly, it’s barely about photography, as most of the relevant research has centred on reactions to paintings. I’ve shown how this has been effective, and suggested various possible avenues for photography, but there are only a couple of photographs in the thing.

It doesn’t mention Cindy Sherman, either. This might be a dealbreaker. You have to mention Cindy Sherman whenever possible, because…well…it’s not entirely clear. You just do.

I honestly have no idea what they’ll think. My tutor was cautiously optimistic, but who knows. Obviously I’d like a good mark, but I know I worked hard, and am happy with that.

That leaves one project before uni’s all finished, and that’ll be based around my Uganda photos. I proposed an exhibition to a London hall last year, and just today heard they want to go ahead, which is brilliant. Thing is, they want it for March. Which is fine, but means I’ll have a very busy month. I have yet to design the thing, for example. Still though: exciting! Uni need a proper research workbook and plan for two weeks’ time (which is a bizarre timetable, given the dissertation deadline), then after that it’s only a matter of delivering the final practical exhibition. Which means that, rather unexpectedly, this time in a month I should be pretty much done with uni. How odd.

If anyone says ‘what then?’ I will scream.

  1. meaning: paintings, photos etc., rather than sculpture, but there’s no uncomplicated group noun []