Stand-up desks

I like the look of Gina Trapini’s standing desk. She’s making the switch to standing up while working, and I can see the attraction. When photographing I spend a lot of time standing up without moving much, and I quickly get tired. It’d be great to get more stamina, and if there are health benefits too, even better.

Still, I’d like to see some input from back experts. It seems at least plausible that standing up all day could have more adverse affects than a sitting-down-with-regular-breaks regimen. The studies looking at sedentary lifestyles seem to apply when people don’t move at all for multiple hours at a time. I’m not too worried about this personally, as I’m fidgety and continually up and down to make drinks / skive etc.. Regular breaks from sitting down (above any beyond any morning exercise) seem to be the recommended course of action. Is a stand-up desk really better than this, health-wise?